SVQ Level 3
Social Services (Children and Young People)

Course Features

About The Course

The Level 3 Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Social Services (Children and Young People) at SCQF level 7 allows candidates to demonstrate competence in job related skills. The qualification has been designed in partnership with the Sector Skills Council, Skills for Care and Development to ensure relevance to the sector.

This qualification is suitable for thoses who are currently employed as a support worker in an early years setting or daycare for children and young people. It is for those wishing to gain a formal qualification. Once completed learners will gain an international recognised qualification which guarantees that they have the skills, knowledge and abilities required to carry out their role successfully.

Assessments are normally carried out in the workplace which minimises any time candidates would need to be away from their work and allows candidates to generate evidence based on the actual work they are carrying out.

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Core Units Undertaken

Promote Effective Communication

  • Establish understanding about children’s communication
  • Support children to interact through communication
  • Communicate effectively about difficult, complex and sensitive issues with children and key people
  • Communicate using records and reports

Promote Health, Safety And Security In The Work Setting

  • Maintain health, safety and security in the work setting
  • Promote health and safety in the work setting
  • Minimise risks arising fro emergencies

Develop Your Practice Through Reflection And Learning

  • Reflect on your own practice
  • Take action to enhance your practice

Promote The Safeguarding Of Children And Young People

  • Maintain your understanding and awareness of harm, abuse and safeguarding
  • Implement practices that help to safeguard children and young people from harm or abuse
  • Develop relationships that promote the safeguarding of children and young people
  • Promote rights and inclusion with children and young people
  • Work in ways that promote the wellbeing of children and young people
  • Support children and young people to keep themselves safe